Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill With times past by, home furnishing materials not only require the greening of raw material but also make the design more humanity as far as possible. For example, Bo Laura Method base gesso system technical seminar in Tianjin, professionals pointed out that the RD of gypsum board is not only particular about no-hazardous materials (zero radioactivity, non-formaldehyde) but also focus on improving the whole home environment with multi effects such as sterilization, reducing noise, fire protection and anti-seismic. Meanwhile, it is very convenient to install the gypsum board and the construction speed is 3 times higher than the traditional partition wall. In the aspect of shape, the appearance is paid more attention. We can say that high-quality, stability and security, no one can less.

The demands for gypsum in installing the gypsum board are bound to increase. Gypsum is a single crystal mineral and the main chemical composition is CaSO4. Gypsum is an industrial material and construction material with extensive usage. It is widely used in the cement retarder, gesso building products, model making, medical food additives, sulphuric acid production, paper filler and paint filler.

A&C vertical roller mill pays the way for development of gypsum powder. The automation controlling set makes it possible to realize the remote control and more conveniently operate. Because there is equipment for preventing the roller directly touching the scaleboard ofabrasive disk, severe vibration can be avoided. vertical roller mill adopts air to deliver material, even the dryer ball mill can only dry the material with moisture about 3~4%.

Vertical Roller Mill Occupies Large Market Share with Four Major Advantages

Currently, the living standard of people has been improved, and people's requirements for anything is more and more refined, therefore mill industry should also follow the development trend of the times to develop towards the fine direction. We should have quality assurance of the product, at the same time, and the development also should be accordance with the energy and environmental topics advocated by society now. The vertical roller mill produced by A&C Machinery is now the particular representative of new environmental protection products. The four major advantages of vertical roller mill makes it outstanding from a large number of products in the powder grinding mill industry, which is highly approved by the majority of customers. Due to such good word-of-mouth publicity, the sale of vertical roller mill has come first on the list.

The first advantage is its cost. It is the integration of crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying, the system is simple and uniform, which has compact layout, small occupied area. It also can be open layout, so as to reduce the large amount of investment.

Second is it has the advantages of stable quality and high finished product. The crushed materials have short remaining time in the mill. The staying time is short, so the equipment to detect and control the product size and chemical composition will become simpler, thereby reducing the repeated grinding with more stable product quality.

Third is the convenient maintenance and operation, the device is equipped with automatic control system of PLC/DCS, which can realize remote control and simple operation. It rotates the arm through the oil cylinder. The roller sleeve and the lining board are convenient and fast to be replaced, which can reduce the downtime losses.

The fourth point is the most important one, it is not only energy-saving environmental protection and no pollution, but also has low vibration and low noise. The whole machine has good sealing effect, the system works under negative pressure without dust. The clean working environment can meet the requirements of national environmental protection.

Vertical milling machine is developed into new environmental protection on the basis of the traditional types of milling equipment. The new vertical roller mill also includes high pressure suspension mill and overpressure ladder mill. vertical roller mill has greatly improved the technology and performance, which represents the higher development level of vertical roller mill. With 20 years production experience and strict requirements on the selection and forging of product, the quality of A&C vertical roller mill is in an absolutely leading position in milling equipment industry.

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