Stone Crusher

Stone CrusherIt is understood that at present, the stone crusher manufacturing industry market in China is very broad, including the chemical, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal, glass and other industries. The most important application of mining and crushing machine in China are cement industry, paving and underground, accounted for about 30% of the entire industry.

Overall size of crushing machinery manufacturing industry in China have entered the international producer, but the overall competition and the development stamina is still unable to compete with the developed countries, the basis parts for current high-end users in China and export products mainly rely on import. Crushing machinery in the future revitalization should focus on the basis of the development of technology and infrastructure, by improving the level of independent development.

After two-digit high growth rates in 2006, in accordance with annual forecast survey from United States equipment manufacturers Association, stone crusher equipment manufacturers is expected to have industry-wide trends of slight growth in 2007. This growth will spread to the United States, Canada, as well as markets around the world. They expect that industry-wide sales of stone crusher equipment in 2009 in United States will be better than 2008. By the end of 2008, Canadas trade volume will increase 12.7%.Sales in other markets of the world is expected to grow 10.9%. For 2009, the survey participants expect that United States sales will have a growth of 3.9%, while Canada is 5%, and other markets of the world are projected to grow 6.4%.

Urbanization in China Has Increasing Demand for stone crusher

Stone crusher equipment is indispensable for mining, construction. The boom of China building materials will expand demand for stone crusher equipment, and drive stone crusher to professionally develop and innovate. Facing the new situation, the stone crusher and other mining machinery and equipment produced by A&C Machinery has made great contribution to construction projects due to their low carbon, high scientific and technological content, and other a series of advantages.

Currently, urbanization, industrialization and new countryside construction is in faster and faster speed, thus, vigorously carrying out environmental, ecological, low-carbon concept of green building is the core concept of the building materials. Cone stone crusher, jaw stone crusher, impact stone crusher, sand making machine and other efficient mining equipment produced by A&C Machinery can be satisfied with coarse, medium, fine material crushing. A&C Machinery also can design good quality production line based on user needs, and A&C Machinery mining stone crusher and other mining equipment can recycled use building materials resources, complete with maximum power resources saving and environmental protection, to supply the construction industry with high quality building materials.

Green is the main stream of the present and future economic trends, so developing professional energy saving and emission reduction of building materials can fully reflect the people-oriented concept. Facing the coming of green building materials, the demand for eco-friendly building materials is particularly intense. As the professional leader of domestic mining machinery, A&C Machinery automatically shoulder the responsibility of developing green economy, calling for vast mining machinery companies continue to increase research efforts in producing energy-efficient products. The future will be led by new technologies for environmental protection, A&C stone crusher equipment will go on making contribution to the development of green building materials.

Comprehensive utilization ore tailings recycling

In tailings selection production practice, ore dressing factory annually discharge 5 million tons tailings. Tailing grade is 7.62% before selection,and the final grade of tailings is 6.15% through selection again. Dressing workshop discharges total tailings, we select coarse fine ore from which by HS type magnetic recycling machine. Then rough fine mine will be sent to separate established of again selected factory with pump. The process is weak magnetic selection, mill mine ratings, magnetic dehydration slot, weak magnetic selection, fine sieve, weak magnetic selected, filter, and finally we obtained eventually fine mine.

Secondary recovery of valuable metals from tailings is an important aspect of tailings comprehensive utilization. An important characteristic of mineral resources in China is single, less, associated raw mine. Due to poor technology, equipment and poor management systems in the past, tailings containing a variety of valuable metals and minerals, all of which have not been fully recovered. In the area of comprehensive iron ore tailings recovery, iron ore tailings generally contains iron 8%-12%. If we estimate according to the national available heap memory 4 billion tons of iron ore tailing, the iron abundance is still 3. 21~4. 8 billion t. If the recovery rate is 50%, we can obtain 1.61 240 million tons of iron resources. It is a considerable value; In comprehensive recovery of nonferrous metal mine tailings, the vast majority of China Nonferrous Metal Mining stone crusher machine are intergrowthf type and concomitant type. The valuable metals in tailings are of useful minerals and extremely rich.

Therefore, it is of great practical significance for the recovery of valuable metals and minerals in the non-ferrous metal mine tailings; In terms of gold mine tailings comprehensive recovery, most of current gold grade in the gold mine tailings is more than 0.5 g/c, some of them even as high as 45/t. At the same time the gold tailings also contains Cu, Pb, Zn, s, Fe, Ag, Sb, Wu and other valuable metallic elements, so the value of comprehensive utilization is very high.

Continuous enrichment makes solid separating from liquid rely on gravity, the purpose of which is to improve the concentration of solids in slurry. The concentration of common thickener underflow is generally 30%~400/e, overflowing solid content can be achieved 10~20 grams per litre. Besides, due to the classifier large footprint, the resulting construction and installation cost is also higher. By contrast, the efficient thickener is small size, underflow concentration can be more than 70% per cent.

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